World Memories!

In the Fall on 1980 I learned how to juggle while in college. That brought me into the world of amateur clowning; which brought me into the world of children’s programming, education and entertainment.

I never imagined that here, decades later, that I would find myself performing literally around the world. At this point I’ve been in Indonesia, Ecuador, Spain, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, England, Thailand and across the United States.

Riding in a tuk tuk down the streets of Bangkok, in a beach resort on the Atlantic, on stage in front of 2,000 homeless street children in Bangladesh, standing on the Equator in Ecuador, and eating durian (the “King of Fruits”) in Kuala Lumpor at an open air street cafe….wow. Who “wudda thunk it?” I’m amazed at the doors that have opened for friendships, collaborations and travel.

One thing I’ve found is that children around the world laugh at the same things that children in America laugh at. “Funny” is funny around the world! …at a birthday party in New Prague, Minnesota or on a circus stage in Sarabaya, Indonesia

I’m not done yet! There’s more to do! And I’m thankful for every opportunity and count each one as a blessing. Thank you for your support, prayers, and cheers along the way!

World Clown Association

Randy-WCA-magazineI have had quite an adventure being the International President of the World Clown Association from the Spring of 2015 through the Spring of 2017. I’ve perfomed, taught, strategized, advised and given many many media interviews. March and April of 2017 will find me in Bangkok, Thailand for the international convention and then on to Malaysia and Indonesia for more performances and lectures. I am thankful to those who have come alongside of me to help me elevate the positive views and experiences people can have with this “age old,” comedy art form. Though my presidency is coming to a close, I will continue on with various assignments and projects to help the world of clowning in general and the World Clown Association specifically.

(Here’s a photo of me holding the World Clown Association’s official publication with a picture of me on the cover. I was featured on this “Collectible Edition.”)

Summer 2016 Travel Schedule

Hi Friends!

Karen and I are continuing our full schedule during the summer of 2016. We will be do clown work, puppetry, storytelling, ventriloquism, juggling and more! We so appreciate all the recommendations and opportunities to share with audiences everywhere! Here is a partial listing of upcoming public performances. If you want more information, please email us at

  • May 23-27 Workshops and Theater Performance in Toronto, Canada
  • June 12-17 Teaching and performing at Clown Camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin
  • June 23 Birthday Party Celebration at Royal Family Kids Camp in Minnesota
  • July 4 “Super Uncle Sam” stiltwalking the Fourth of July parade in Stewartville, MN
  • July 11-15 Summer Kids Camp programs (Boone, Iowa)
  • July 18-22 Summer Kids Camp (week 2) (Boone, Iowa)
  • July 28 Mankato, Minnesota Library “Catch the Reading Bug” Program
  • August 15-19 Creative Arts Camp at Hillside Church, Mankato, Minnesota
  • August 24 Amboy, Minnesota Library “Catch the Reading Bug” Program
  • September 1-4 Lifelight Music Festival, Worthing, South Dakota
  • September 7-14 Travel, Teaching and Performing in Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia
  • September 15-18 Teaching & Performing at the IndoFest Children’s Worker Training in Indonesia
  • September 19-22 Teaching & Performing clowning in Jakarta, Malaysia

‘Animal Antics’ Video

Randy shares a laugh-filled experience called “Animal Antics” with a crowd of grade-school kids! Watch here to see highlights of this community show that kids love.

I do various school assemblies. Some are educational and full of fun!  Some are simply fun-filled! It just depends on what the local school is looking for. If they want educational messages, I do those. If they want just an entertaining experience for kids, I provide that too. I know this, people learn quicker and easier when they are enjoying the learning experience. The brain opens up and the synapsis across the brain start “popping” when the learning experience is exciting and enjoyable. So, that’s part of my goal. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to teach kids when they WANT to listen! So, I’m committed to doing stuff that will grab and hold their attention throughout the assembly. Here’s a short video with numerous clips from a recent fun-filled school show. Enjoy!

Chinese Linking Rings

Randy’s Classic Magic

As a 10 year old boy, Randy received his first magic tricks when he ordered Marshall Brodien’s T.V. Magic kit. He stayed focused on this captivating mode of entertainment for a few year as a child, actually doing some short shows for friends. Later, while in college, Randy once again began working on illusions and sleight of hand. He was mentored for a while by another award-winning magician and found that when performed well, the magical illusion may create a sense of wonder and joy in an audience. Randy has performed magic for all ages at kids shows and also adult banquets, fairs, and a cruise line. He performs close-up magic and also stage magic events. On this video, you will see Randy perform his version of the ancient illusion called the Chinese Linking Rings for a family audience. Enjoy the wonder. 

South students learn about ‘Animal Antics’

South Elementary students had an educational and fun experience on Friday through the Animal Antics program, sponsored by the South Parent Council.

Randy Christensen entertained the children through his Animal Antics program through the use of balloons, juggling, magic tricks and silly songs that he shared as he talks about a tiger with too many tails, a giraffe with a sore throat, a puppy who needs to learn to obey, and other exciting animals.

(Photos by Kurt Hildebrandt)


Randy’s 2015 Summer Calendar

Here’s comes summer! I’m excited for all of the opportunities! Besides my regular weekly programs presented at Hillside Church in Mankato, I will also be at these spots. Come and see me!


  • 6th Juggling for the Delta Airlines Company Picnic. Bloomington, MN
  • 8-12th Chaperone for grade school kids camp at LGCC, Alexandria, MN
  • 15th “Animal Antics” Show in St.Louis Park, MN
  • 17-18th Five library shows for the Jackson County Library System
  • 22-26th “Converge” VBS for five churches in Eau Claire, WI area
  • 29th “Animal Antics” Show in Plymouth, MN


  • 1st Family Comedy Night at LGCC, Alexandria, MN
  • 6-9th Family Shows for the Sioux Falls, SD Park District
  • 15-18th Sonshine Music Festival in Somerset, WI
  • 22nd Library Shows in North Mankato & St.Peter, MN
  • 26th Hawthorne Assembly, Sunday Family service in Hawthorne, WI
  • 27-30th Assembly Park Camp, Lake Nebagamon, WI


  • 7th “Animal Antics” in Delano, WI
  • 10-14th Creative Arts Camp, Hillside Church, Mankato, MN
  • 17-22nd Instructor at American Clown Academy, Ohio
  • 26th Hillside Church Kids Worker Training, Mankato, MN
  • 28-30th Necedah, Wisconsin – Celebration & Sunday a.m.


  • 3-6th Lifelight Music Festival (LOL Shows), Worthing, SD
  • 9th LOL Show in Mankato, MN
  • 11th LOL Show (tbd)
  • 29th-Oct. 3 Midwest Clown Round-Up Convention, Merrillville, IN

The President

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Recently, at the World Clown Association Convention (WCA) I was inducted as the new president of the World Clown Association. It’s an incredible organization that includes clowns from twenty-five countries from around the world. The WCA is committed to family-friendly, good, clean comedy entertainment. You will find members that are involved in circus, fairs, festivals, churches, schools, educational assemblies, fire-safety, hospitals, nursing homes, Veteran’s centers, rodeos, birthday parties, and more!

I get to work with a fine group of people on the executive committee for WCA and along with a Board of Directors which oversee all these various entertainment emphasis and geographical areas. It’s amazing!

I also write regularly for WCA’s official publication called “Clowning Around.” I provide articles and videos regularly for the WCA website at You can find more wonderful information and resources concerning the “world of clowns” right there.

Family Friendly Positive Entertainment

Find Family-Friendly Positive Entertainment with the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.

I began juggling and clowning in the fall of 1980 when I moved to Minneapolis Minnesota to go to North Central University. I saw the impact that a clown visit could make for a sick child at a children’s hospital. I witnessed the joy that positive comic relief provided seniors in a nursing home. Within a year I was introduced to an organization called the International Fellowship of Christian Magicians by my good friend and mentor, “Big Dan” Rector.

I journeyed to my first of 10 consecutive visits to the International Fellowship of Christian Magicians Convention in Indiana. I experienced incredible growth through the FCM group who demonstrated their commitment to encouraging people of faith in the areas of effective eye-catching performance. The FCM features quality instruction and fellowship with folks involved in magical performance, clowning, ventriloquism, balloon sculpture, puppetry, chalk art, drama, mime, storytelling and other visual methods. Members use their talents in schools, churches, banquets, libraries and other public venues. I’ve had the privilege to learn, teach and perform at this international convention on a number of occasions.

I’m pleased to be a part of the statewide group of FCM here in Minnesota known as the Minnesota Fellowship of Christian Entertainers. In February we are having a gathering of many of these fine family-friendly entertainers at our home in North Mankato, Minnesota. We’re looking forward to laughs and learning during a night of magical entertainment and fellowship. We will talk about upcoming school shows, planning library shows, close-up magic and more. If you want more information on the Fellowship of Christian Magicians International go to and for more information on the branch of Minnesota entertainment, please contact me and let me know.

Visit the Entertainer Search page on the FCM website to find a quality entertainer for your needs.