Randy’s 2015 Summer Calendar

Here’s comes summer! I’m excited for all of the opportunities! Besides my regular weekly programs presented at Hillside Church in Mankato, I will also be at these spots. Come and see me!


  • 6th Juggling for the Delta Airlines Company Picnic. Bloomington, MN
  • 8-12th Chaperone for grade school kids camp at LGCC, Alexandria, MN
  • 15th “Animal Antics” Show in St.Louis Park, MN
  • 17-18th Five library shows for the Jackson County Library System
  • 22-26th “Converge” VBS for five churches in Eau Claire, WI area
  • 29th “Animal Antics” Show in Plymouth, MN


  • 1st Family Comedy Night at LGCC, Alexandria, MN
  • 6-9th Family Shows for the Sioux Falls, SD Park District
  • 15-18th Sonshine Music Festival in Somerset, WI
  • 22nd Library Shows in North Mankato & St.Peter, MN
  • 26th Hawthorne Assembly, Sunday Family service in Hawthorne, WI
  • 27-30th Assembly Park Camp, Lake Nebagamon, WI


  • 7th “Animal Antics” in Delano, WI
  • 10-14th Creative Arts Camp, Hillside Church, Mankato, MN
  • 17-22nd Instructor at American Clown Academy, Ohio
  • 26th Hillside Church Kids Worker Training, Mankato, MN
  • 28-30th Necedah, Wisconsin – Celebration & Sunday a.m.


  • 3-6th Lifelight Music Festival (LOL Shows), Worthing, SD
  • 9th LOL Show in Mankato, MN
  • 11th LOL Show (tbd)
  • 29th-Oct. 3 Midwest Clown Round-Up Convention, Merrillville, IN

The President

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Recently, at the World Clown Association Convention (WCA) I was inducted as the new president of the World Clown Association. It’s an incredible organization that includes clowns from twenty-five countries from around the world. The WCA is committed to family-friendly, good, clean comedy entertainment. You will find members that are involved in circus, fairs, festivals, churches, schools, educational assemblies, fire-safety, hospitals, nursing homes, Veteran’s centers, rodeos, birthday parties, and more!

I get to work with a fine group of people on the executive committee for WCA and along with a Board of Directors which oversee all these various entertainment emphasis and geographical areas. It’s amazing!

I also write regularly for WCA’s official publication called “Clowning Around.” I provide articles and videos regularly for the WCA website at www.worldclown.com. You can find more wonderful information and resources concerning the “world of clowns” right there.

Family Friendly Positive Entertainment

Find Family-Friendly Positive Entertainment with the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.

I began juggling and clowning in the fall of 1980 when I moved to Minneapolis Minnesota to go to North Central University. I saw the impact that a clown visit could make for a sick child at a children’s hospital. I witnessed the joy that positive comic relief provided seniors in a nursing home. Within a year I was introduced to an organization called the International Fellowship of Christian Magicians by my good friend and mentor, “Big Dan” Rector.

I journeyed to my first of 10 consecutive visits to the International Fellowship of Christian Magicians Convention in Indiana. I experienced incredible growth through the FCM group who demonstrated their commitment to encouraging people of faith in the areas of effective eye-catching performance. The FCM features quality instruction and fellowship with folks involved in magical performance, clowning, ventriloquism, balloon sculpture, puppetry, chalk art, drama, mime, storytelling and other visual methods. Members use their talents in schools, churches, banquets, libraries and other public venues. I’ve had the privilege to learn, teach and perform at this international convention on a number of occasions.

I’m pleased to be a part of the statewide group of FCM here in Minnesota known as the Minnesota Fellowship of Christian Entertainers. In February we are having a gathering of many of these fine family-friendly entertainers at our home in North Mankato, Minnesota. We’re looking forward to laughs and learning during a night of magical entertainment and fellowship. We will talk about upcoming school shows, planning library shows, close-up magic and more. If you want more information on the Fellowship of Christian Magicians International go to www.fcm.org and for more information on the branch of Minnesota entertainment, please contact me and let me know.

Visit the Entertainer Search page on the FCM website to find a quality entertainer for your needs.

Sharing The Fun!

It’s been great “sharing the fun” during the Fall season. In the last number of weeks I’ve been able to teach and perform at the American Clown Academy in Ohio, the “Next Step Workshop” in Palmyra, Missouri, at the Texas Clown Association Convention in Kerrville, Texas and also will be presenting at the Kentucky Clown Derby near Louisville in November.

If you’re not involved in clowning, you probably don’t understand what these events are like. They are full of people who love to laugh, who love to bring smiles to others, who bring “comic relief” to folks who are stressed and hurting in hospitals and care centers, on the street and in the circus ring. These are genuinely caring folks. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have to teach this fun-filled art of clown, meet so many wonderful folks, and give memory-making clown performances at these events. (By the way, the picture is one of me at the American Clown Academy during our class on pie and water throwing!)


Randy has a new home in North Mankato, Minnesota. At the start of September, Randy and his wife moved to their new spot and have taken on the responsibilities of “Children’s Pastor” at Hillside Church in Mankato. Randy will continue his travels while expanding performance programs in the local community and also overseeing the ministry to children at this wonderful church. Check out more info on Hillside Church at www.hillsidemankato.com

The Next Step Is Almost Here!

I’m looking forward to teaching the “Next Step Workshop” with former Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey clown trainer, Jeff McMullen.  At this intimate coaching time (we only allow 15 attendees) we will cover performance theory, stage presence, comedy movement, humor concepts, how to relate to an audience, writing message-based routines, and more. rThis training time is going to be near Hannibal, Missouri during the second week of September. We want to help you with the “ins and outs” of effective presentations with a message. For more information, go to www.nextstepworkshop.blogspot.com

New Home Base!

We are excited to announce that after a summer of busy performing we will be moving to Mankato, Minnesota. What brings us there? We have accepted the responsibility of overseeing the children’s ministry at Hillside Church in Mankato. We will be helping plan programming, train leaders, begin new creative outreaches, and work with the children during weekly services. We will also be involved in local community programs and will continue our traveling schedule.

So, though we will have a new home location, know that we are still available to travel for special programs for you! Once we have our new home address, it will be listed in our “contact” area here on the website. Of course, you may still also reach us through email.