The President

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Recently, at the World Clown Association Convention (WCA) I was inducted as the new president of the World Clown Association. It’s an incredible organization that includes clowns from twenty-five countries from around the world. The WCA is committed to family-friendly, good, clean comedy entertainment. You will find members that are involved in circus, fairs, festivals, churches, schools, educational assemblies, fire-safety, hospitals, nursing homes, Veteran’s centers, rodeos, birthday parties, and more!

I get to work with a fine group of people on the executive committee for WCA and along with a Board of Directors which oversee all these various entertainment emphasis and geographical areas. It’s amazing!

I also write regularly for WCA’s official publication called “Clowning Around.” I provide articles and videos regularly for the WCA website at You can find more wonderful information and resources concerning the “world of clowns” right there.

Christmas Comedy Entertainment – Clowns & Santa’s World

Clowns and elves live in the same kind of world. Elves have a job to do and use creative means to make it happen. They are servants, ready to help whoever is in need. Clowns have the same attitudes. Throw in a bit of magic, exaggerated noses, ears, hair and shoes, and you have some fun-filled characters participating in a joyful dance!

Santa Claus and clowns have a lot in common. Both are characters that mirror real-life compassionate, happy, selfless, magical qualities. The heart of Santa, and the heart of a clown, looks into the world of the child striving to provide a positive, caring, nurturing, light-hearted, hopeful attitude. There is goodness found there. Santa brings joy by giving gifts and toys. Clowns often bring joy by giving gifts of balloons, stickers, and face-painting.  But, the true experience of wonder happens as a child who believes comes into a personal face-to-face interaction with this living cartoon-like fantasy character.

I’ve had the privilege of doing close-up magic,clowning, juggling and balloons for a number of Christmas events in mid-eastern Minnesota during the holidays. It’s a magical time of year!

During the holiday season, many Minnesota clown performers slightly modify their characters and are booked as elves or appear as a version of Santa Claus during the Christmas season. However the exterior looks, the heart is the same: one that desires to bring joy and hope and smiles to children of all ages.

Learn more about Minnesota Christmas Comedy Entertainment with Randy Christensen

Comic Relief

Clowns, comedians, and funny folk bring something to our lives that can go deep into our souls. Often we think of laughter as something that’s flippant and short-lived—something that’s momentary and fleeting, but it accomplishes something that can be healthy and long-lasting. Laughter brings comic relief to counter stress and tension. In my life of family-friendly entertainment and programs infused with humor, clown comedy and creative methods, I’ve found that use of humor helps audiences in numerous ways—whether that be at a school, hospital, church or corporate event.

Laughter lightens the heaviness of one’s heart and deflates the power of pain. Laughter shines a light into the darkness of a situation and one’s soul. If a person can laugh when in a tough condition, that person can conquer it. Viktor Frankl, Nazi Death camp survivor, states, “I never would have made it if I could not have laughed. It lifted me momentarily out of this horrible situation, just enough to make it livable.”

Historic American storyteller, Mark Twain, stated “The human race has only one really effective weapon, and that’s laughter. The moment it arises, all our hardness’s yield, all our irritations and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes their place.”
Laughter ignites hope in the psyche as people’s stress fades. They have a new vantage point to look down on their problems, rather than trying to stand up underneath the pressure of them. Laughter brings lightheartedness which allows them to climb above the struggles – and potentially soar!

Emmett Kelly, Sr. performed as his lovable hobo clown character, Weary Willy, for decades in the mid 1900’s. He stated, “By laughing at me, the audience really laughs at themselves and realizing they have done this, gives them sort of a spiritual second wind for going back into the battles of life.”

Besides emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits to laughter, there are also physical benefits. When a person laughs, the lungs expand and the airflow increases, thus helping clear the air passage. Some have referred to laughter as “internal jogging,” because the stomach muscles and diaphragm are activated, which also improves digestion. The heart rate increases and blood pressure raises and then lowers below the previous level at rest. Physical stress in the muscles is relieved. The natural chemicals known as endorphins are released into one’s system which acts as natural pain killers. The physical benefits of laughter have been scientifically measured and are medically proven.

The writer knew the truth when he penned Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart does good like a medicine.”
I’m happy to be a “doctor of merriment,” a comedian, a humorist, a clown…one who brings comic relief.