Ministry Shows

Randy is an ordained minister and shares the message of God’s hope and truth around the world.

“Randy has the best “Balanced” ministry for children and family I have ever seen. He is as professional and talented as any circus-style or illusion-based ministry you will ever see but, along with the entertainment, he also provides the substance to lead his audience to the Lord. ”
– Pastor Bob Hahn – Joliet, Illinois

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Theatrical Outreach Programs and Motivational Messages. Budget Problems? Ask Randy about his team sponsors which may help fund your ministry event!

Randy offers a variety of solo presentations to fit your event and budget. Randy is an experienced pastor with over 30 years of ministry experience. He has performed across the USA doing family services, worker appreciation banquets, community outreach events, VBS rallies, kid’s camps, fundraisers and more. He is also available to speak to the adult congregation on a variety of subjects including “family emphasis” ministry and revival services. With Randy’s background in ministry and entertainment, he can bring a “fun night” or an engaging service full of eye-catching, heart-touching, biblical truth.

Family Fun Night – Randy knows how important it is for families to have positive family experiences. This program full of magical illusions, ventriloquism, comedy mime, audience participation, juggling and nurturing biblical message is a favorite of audiences.

Doers of the Word – Our most requested kid service theme. This one-man-presentation by Randy includes ventriloquism, storytelling, interactive audience participation, and a ton of fun while presenting life-changing Biblical truth from the book of James.

Holiday Presentations – Kids and families love Randy’s holiday presentations! Ask us about our Halloween-alternative shows, Christmas presentations, Easter programs, and patriotic presentations. Contact Randy for special rates.

The VBS Project! – Randy and his team bring a unique program, train and guide your workers, and do the chapel presentations for your local Vacation Bible School! As a 30 year veteran of children’s ministry, Randy has guided his own VBS programs seeing over 800 children in attendance! Glean from Randy’s experience and use him at your upcoming VBS! Contact Randy for fee proposal (dependent on number of Randy’s staff involved.)

Oxford P. Nutts – Oxford P. Nutts will amuse and amaze you. This old man clown character has been featured at numerous national conventions and children’s ministry conferences. He’s like a “Christian Will Rogers.” Many compare the character of Oxford P. Nutts to the style of the famous vaudevillian, Red Skelton. Out of Oxford’s whimsical humor, a “golden nugget” of truth will strike home. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And you won’t see things the same again.
&nbsp;The featured programs below performed with Oxford P. Nutts are approximately 45 minutes long.

  • The Price of Freedom – A patriotic program that points towards the sacrifice of those who died for our nation and the sacrifice that Christ has made for our spiritual liberty. It includes comedy magic, music, mime, and more.
  • Home for Christmas – This family program features Oxford welcoming the children of the church into his home and Christmas festivities. It includes juggling, comedy, storytelling and performance of Christmas music. The highlight of the program is Oxford’s telling of the story formerly recited by Red Skelton, “The Littlest Christmas Tree.”
  • The Value of a Child – This children’s worker appreciation program inspires, evokes guffaws, and grips the heart. This is an ideal program for worker appreciation banquets and children’s emphasis services. Oxford has presented this as a featured performer at the international Children’s Pastor’s Conference and at the Florida Kid’s Educators, Evangelists & Pastor’s Conference.

Theatrical Outreach Programs For the Stage – Randy has a “big heart” for quality performances and for “family.” These presentations include world-class professional performances by Randy and his troupe assembled from around the nation.

Cirque Imaginings – This Cirque Du Soleil-styled show includes juggling, rope spinning, professional mime, original soundtracks, stage magic, circus skills and more! The on-stage experience springs from the imagination of a young girl. As she reads different storybooks her imagination causes the stories to come to life on stage. Some are fun, others heart-touching, some inspiring. Through the course of the girl’s decisions she opens a book which is not to be touched. As a result, an evil magician enters and she needs to be rescued from his evil plans. The lesson of choices and consequences and the theme of redemption are demonstrated in Cirque Imaginings.

The L.O.L. Show – This knee-slapping, rib-tickling presentation features former Ringling Brothers circus performer and Disneyland entertainer, DonB!, International Fellowship of Christian Magicians award-winner Ben Christensen, and comedic minister, Randy Christensen. Expect roars of laughter and standing ovations! “We don’t do a lot of stand-up, but we do A LOT of fall down!”

Sermons and Motivational Messages

Randy’s unique brand of heart and humor shines through as he shares inspirational messages based on principles from God’s Word. Looking for a creative, effective communicator who will connect clear truths with your congregation? Consider Randy. (Sample sermons are available.) Randy provides numerous messages based on the need of your organization. Popular sessions include:

The Passion of Christ: Children! – Using his blend of heart and humor, Randy brings Jesus’ perspective on the importance of making kids a priority from scripture.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – God has a great plan for each individual, but we need to take initiative and move forward as He directs our steps.  Illustrations, mime, and juggling hold everyone’s attention as truths are clearly shared and applied.

Effective Kid’s Ministry Workshop – Randy is a seasoned Children’s pastor and author of “Crucial Concepts in Kid’s Ministry.” Have Randy speak to your workers or a group of Children’s Pastors about effective teaching methods, creativity in ministry, understanding kids’ culture, and biblical insights into God’s priority on children. Randy can also help train your outreach and missions teams in creative methods.

Consultant Services – Randy brings years of experience as a staff member in churches from 100 in attendance to over 4,000. As a pioneer in numerous areas of ministry to children and families, Randy can help you pinpoint solutions and strategies to help your ministry move to the next level (or more). Call to discuss options for personal coaching or team development.

The Preschool Parenting Workshop – Randy shares inspiring and insightful input from his years as a children’s pastor and parent. During the formative years of a preschooler, often a parent’s processes are also being formed. These are crucial years for the child and the parent!

Topics include:

  • How Preschoolers Learn,
  • An Atmosphere For Growth,
  • A Guide For Effective Discipline,
  • Family Devotional Ideas,
  • Four Key Concepts That Will Revolutionize Your Parenting