Circus Sing-A-Long


Circus Sing-A-Long is a great tool for anyone with young children.  It fosters their imagination and teaches them scripture and Godly principles through music.  This music can be used in your home, or in your school or church programs.  The music is tracked with the sounds of circus that will liven up your presentations.

FREE presentation ideas and scripts that go along with the various songs on this Circus Sing-a-long project are available in the FREE RESOURCES area of this website.

Purchase of this CD or Downloadables grants live performance permission.  This music is not to be used to create and publish videos that are posted to Youtube or other social media without contracted permission from Randy.

There are several ways to purchase.

1. You can order the physical CD for $24.99 which will be mailed to you (postage included.) All songs and tracks included.

2.  Purchase all downloadable files for $24.99. This CD also includes every song plus tracks. 

3.  You may purchase and download the Vocal Tracks or Background Tracks for $14.99 each.  Finally, you can purchase individual tracks for $1.99 each.

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