Comedy With Simon De Clown

I’ve done numerous costumed characters, puppets, ventriloquist figures, mascots and clown characters during my performance career. Out of all my years of performing, “Simon De Clown” has been the most consistent character I’ve performed. He is simple, child-like, inquisitive, trusting, clumsy, naive and optimistic. He’s the “enduring survivor” who doesn’t give up, but figures out a way to solve every problem – often in a surprising way. That’s probably why adults enjoy him as much as children do.

Recently, I’ve toured a show called “Building A Circus with Simon De Clown.” I want audiences to see that clowns can be hilarious, entertaining and thought-provoking. People enjoy coming along on the journey with Simon – this comic cartoon character.

During the past month – at two different libraries – the librarian came to me after the “Build A Circus” show and stated, “How wonderful! When you see the children sliding closer to the front throughout the entirety of the show, you know they LOVE the clown!”

It’s true. Good clowning draws people closer. The children didn’t cower away in fear. They didn’t run away screaming. They nudged closer and closer to the front, drawn by the fun, the innocence, the happy experience of being with Simon De Clown.

‘Animal Antics’ Video

Randy shares a laugh-filled experience called “Animal Antics” with a crowd of grade-school kids! Watch here to see highlights of this community show that kids love.

I do various school assemblies. Some are educational and full of fun!  Some are simply fun-filled! It just depends on what the local school is looking for. If they want educational messages, I do those. If they want just an entertaining experience for kids, I provide that too. I know this, people learn quicker and easier when they are enjoying the learning experience. The brain opens up and the synapsis across the brain start “popping” when the learning experience is exciting and enjoyable. So, that’s part of my goal. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to teach kids when they WANT to listen! So, I’m committed to doing stuff that will grab and hold their attention throughout the assembly. Here’s a short video with numerous clips from a recent fun-filled school show. Enjoy!