Characters & Personalities

I’ve sure enjoyed performing for all types of venues, characters & personalities…and have often done this as different characters & personalities.  Just as Jim Carrey can do “CRAAAAAZY” characters in various films and interviews, he also can subdue those characteristics and actually do drama.

Fact is, great comedians are often great at drama. But, a person who is great at drama is not necessarily GREAT at comedy.  The main reason is because comedy is so dependent upon timing.  A joke isn’t funny, unless it’s presented with good timing.  So, great comedians have a strong capacity for great timing. It’s not necessarily the same for people who do drama and are trying to do comedy.

Consider Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Kristen Wig, Steve Correl and Jerry Lewis.

In the same way, I do various characters which fit in different settings and with different audiences. (Take a look at my photos page under “resources.”)  Different characters fit different occassions and different audiences and I’m happy to perform a variety of characters for you all.

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