Performance Music Tracks for Clowns

As a young boy I would say to my friends, “my parents are forcing me to take piano lessons.” I had so many other priorities besides sitting at the piano and learning my scales. Now that I’m grown, I’m so thankful for the discipline they required of me.

Music is a huge part of my programs. As clown performer Mr. Oxford P. Nutts, I play the piano and sing. I’ve produced various musical projects to use as background music for my performances and also allow others to use my music.  I call this the Creative Performance Series as it includes all styles and moods of music for clowns, jugglers, magicians, and family entertainers.

A year ago I wrote and recorded a new project called “Circus Sing-A-Long” for those that want great-sounding circus music to use in church programs.  I’ve had a great response from those that have heard it.

A few years ago, my friend Kerry Kistler produced a musical masterpiece for those that love traditional circus music. This project, called  “Once Upon a Circus,” pays homage to an era when mechanical musical marvels like the band organ, carousel and calliope ruled the midway. Additional tracks feature the authentic sounds of the side show bally, accordion and orchestrated medleys.

Use quality music like this for clown routines, come-in & exit music, background ambiance, entrance/exit stingers, segues, comedy skits and creative performances.  Many folks in retirement centers and nursing homes will recognize the melodies from years gone by.

Church workers will notice a lovingly crafted fusion of traditional hymns with circus melodies – all composed and performed by virtuoso organist Michael Tyo – who was born without sight! The “Once Upon A Circus,” project was produced and mastered by Kerry Kistler.

Go to the resource page here on the “quality programs” site to find out more about getting some great music for your enjoyment.

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