Sharing The Fun!

It’s been great “sharing the fun” during the Fall season. In the last number of weeks I’ve been able to teach and perform at the American Clown Academy in Ohio, the “Next Step Workshop” in Palmyra, Missouri, at the Texas Clown Association Convention in Kerrville, Texas and also will be presenting at the Kentucky Clown Derby near Louisville in November.

If you’re not involved in clowning, you probably don’t understand what these events are like. They are full of people who love to laugh, who love to bring smiles to others, who bring “comic relief” to folks who are stressed and hurting in hospitals and care centers, on the street and in the circus ring. These are genuinely caring folks. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have to teach this fun-filled art of clown, meet so many wonderful folks, and give memory-making clown performances at these events. (By the way, the picture is one of me at the American Clown Academy during our class on pie and water throwing!)

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