Summer 2016 Travel Schedule

Hi Friends!

Karen and I are continuing our full schedule during the summer of 2016. We will be do clown work, puppetry, storytelling, ventriloquism, juggling and more! We so appreciate all the recommendations and opportunities to share with audiences everywhere! Here is a partial listing of upcoming public performances. If you want more information, please email us at

  • May 23-27 Workshops and Theater Performance in Toronto, Canada
  • June 12-17 Teaching and performing at Clown Camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin
  • June 23 Birthday Party Celebration at Royal Family Kids Camp in Minnesota
  • July 4 “Super Uncle Sam” stiltwalking the Fourth of July parade in Stewartville, MN
  • July 11-15 Summer Kids Camp programs (Boone, Iowa)
  • July 18-22 Summer Kids Camp (week 2) (Boone, Iowa)
  • July 28 Mankato, Minnesota Library “Catch the Reading Bug” Program
  • August 15-19 Creative Arts Camp at Hillside Church, Mankato, Minnesota
  • August 24 Amboy, Minnesota Library “Catch the Reading Bug” Program
  • September 1-4 Lifelight Music Festival, Worthing, South Dakota
  • September 7-14 Travel, Teaching and Performing in Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia
  • September 15-18 Teaching & Performing at the IndoFest Children’s Worker Training in Indonesia
  • September 19-22 Teaching & Performing clowning in Jakarta, Malaysia

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