World Clown Association

Randy-WCA-magazineI have had quite an adventure being the International President of the World Clown Association from the Spring of 2015 through the Spring of 2017. I’ve perfomed, taught, strategized, advised and given many many media interviews. March and April of 2017 will find me in Bangkok, Thailand for the international convention and then on to Malaysia and Indonesia for more performances and lectures. I am thankful to those who have come alongside of me to help me elevate the positive views and experiences people can have with this “age old,” comedy art form. Though my presidency is coming to a close, I will continue on with various assignments and projects to help the world of clowning in general and the World Clown Association specifically.

(Here’s a photo of me holding the World Clown Association’s official publication with a picture of me on the cover. I was featured on this “Collectible Edition.”)

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