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Clowns and elves live in the same kind of world. Elves have a job to do and use creative means to make it happen. They are servants, ready to help whoever is in need. Clowns have the same attitudes. Throw in a bit of magic, exaggerated noses, ears, hair and shoes, and you have some fun-filled characters participating in a joyful dance!

Santa Claus and clowns have a lot in common. Both are characters that mirror real-life compassionate, happy, selfless, magical qualities. The heart of Santa, and the heart of a clown, looks into the world of the child striving to provide a positive, caring, nurturing, light-hearted, hopeful attitude. There is goodness found there. Santa brings joy by giving gifts and toys. Clowns often bring joy by giving gifts of balloons, stickers, and face-painting.  But, the true experience of wonder happens as a child who believes comes into a personal face-to-face interaction with this living cartoon-like fantasy character.

I’ve had the privilege of doing close-up magic,clowning, juggling and balloons for a number of Christmas events in mid-eastern Minnesota during the holidays. It’s a magical time of year!

During the holiday season, many Minnesota clown performers slightly modify their characters and are booked as elves or appear as a version of Santa Claus during the Christmas season. However the exterior looks, the heart is the same: one that desires to bring joy and hope and smiles to children of all ages.

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  1. Larry Rich says:

    Well thought out, and your expression of the character comparisons is right on. I’ve been a professional clown since 1956—have done holiday shows for many of those years. Put together a combination package that sells well—two for one—Clown show & Santa. I do about a 20 minutes comedy magic show; then the buyer feeds the kids—-while I change from clown to Santa—when kids a done eating, Santa appears for photos/gift giveaway, or what ever the buyer wants. In all of these appearances, never have the children known that Santa was the clown or visa versa….this package offers the buyer “one stop shopping” and they save when booking this combo deal. It’s something to consider for Christmas 2015…It isn’t even 2015 yet, and I have six Christmas dates set for 2015—resigned them at this years event. PLAN your work—then WORK your plan.

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