Happy Winter!

2018 was a wonderful year. So far this winter season I’ve stayed busy traveling and performing, writing, and doing programming for the children at my local church. The next few months will take me to perform and teach around the USA…and my hope is that our winter weather will cooperate with me!

Overall, I see the winter season as a truly magical time of year. The beauty of new fallen snow is enchanting and the Christmas season is full of music, good food, love and laughter.

I was happy to perform my routine, “Christmas In the Park” for four Christmas Eve celebrations at Hillside Church in Mankato, MN. This routine was inspired by the old-time Christmas classics performed by “Freddy the Freeloader” (Red Skelton) and a performance I saw way back in 1985 by Steve “T.J.Tatters” Smith. Both those performances made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye. So, I share this video here for your enjoyment.


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