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In the 1980’s I began my work with children. I soon realized that it’s a lot easier to teach kids when they WANT to pay attention! Statistics now show that when a person is having fun, their brain is activated, neurons start popping, and they actually remember more of what’s being shared. That’s why I put together this resource. When I teach, I want people to remember what I shared.

Actually, some of the routines in this resource were written over twenty years ago. But, they are still attention-grabbing and effective. Over six years ago I decided to pull this resource together with older routines, new routines, proven insights and strategies. I started transcribing material…actually, my daughter also helped with some of that. Then, I was elected as President of the World Clown Association — a post that absorbed four years of my time. So, this project was pushed to the back burner as I focused on my other international responsibilities. Now, I’ve been able to pull this unique combo resource together and offer it to help educators, entertainers and church workers — all who may want to share a message in an entertaining way. There’s information and instructions on creating one-of-a-kind programming not available anywhere else.

This book is over 100 pages of advice, ideas, techniques and comedy sketches that help people learn lessons. Perform these routines and you’ll see that comedy connects truth to kids! It includes over 30 sample skit/routines including educational themes and ministry themes.

I enjoy reading, but I also know that to read something and imagine it may not be the same as seeing it in action. So, with the help of my award-winning son, Ben Christensen, we went into studio and videotaped a number of the sketches. With purchase of the book one receives web access to view us performing our version of numerous skits which are included in the book. These are not all necessarily “clown skits” — one doesn’t have to put on nose and make-up to effectively entertain and teach as people laugh and learn!

I’m also happy to have included a number of fun illustrations by Angel Contreras – a wonderful artist and entertainer from mid-America.

I’ve always tried to develop resources that no one else has tackled. Here on my site, you’ll not find “copycat” materials, but original materials, resources, and thoughts. Fact is, I strive to do that in all of my performances too.

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