Kids Charity Events

When I left for college, I had no plan to work with children. Now, it’s been my entire career. You can watch the video “How I Started” here on my website, so I’m not going to recount that whole thing right now. Nonetheless, I mention it because my heart and my passion is now fully directed towards helping kids. That’s why I do public school assemblies, library shows, church programs and other entertainment events. I want to bring smiles and comedy relief into tough situations. I want to share life principles that will help them avoid future pain and handle life struggles. I want to provide experiences that build connections between family members as they laugh together.

Understanding that, it’s easy to see how I’ve moved forward to tackle another area that impacts children and families. During my career, I’ve been to ten different countries to perform, teach, and encourage children’s leaders. I’ve seen needs in third world countries. Fact is, my wife and I now sponsor two girls at an orphanage in a depressed country. We want to “put our money where our mouth is” and do what we can to be of help.

In 2018, I realized that the city in which I live had not had a circus for over a decade. I love circus! So, I took an example from my Shrine clown friends (who do a Shrine Circus to raise funds to help children) and I decided to put on a circus right here in my hometown. We did the “Kids Charity Circus” with a number of professional circus performer friends to raise money to help kids charities in various parts of the world. We had wonderful success! We did our second KCC in 2019 and are right now preparing for our third fundraising event, “The Kids Charity Circus 2020”.

If you want more information on this, just email me and I’ll point you towards this fundraising effort that will help kids around the world. If you want to host something like this in your area, I and my team are ready to come and help you at a huge discounted rate! Let’s make a difference in the lives of children.

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